Monthly Archives: June 2021

TalkCast 487 – Darling Family Values

It’s not often we get a second chance to talk with a wildly inventive author upon their sophomore outing and yet here we are with Liz Butcher as she offers up Never Never, one of the most inventive mystery horror novels to come into Area 51 in a very long time. Set loosely within the […]

TalkCast 486 – NOT His Fist Attempt

Miles Cameron  is an enigma and that is a huge understatement. First of atl he writes under several names but Miles is the name he uses for his science fiction work, which we hope will be numerous, because his first book, Artifact Space, is a quite amazing start for an author who has well over […]

Talkcast 485 – Star Trek in Pakistan, Or How To Forget to Introduce The Guest

On the ‘Cast is one of the more interesting people we have had on in a very long while. So interesting, in fact, that we began talking in the pre-show and quite frankly, once the show began, I forgot  to introduce him. Shahid Mahmud is the creator of the SF/Fantasy imprint Phoenix Pick. The catalog […]

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