Monthly Archives: February 2021

TalkCast 472 – The Haunting Mind

In this episode we get to once again talk again with Jennifer Anne Gordon about more of her art. First and foremost we talk about her gothic novel Beautiful, Frightening and Silent, a multi layered, multi-set  novel which is unique both in scope and style. We got to spend time discussing characters and development and […]

TalkCast 471 – A Refreshing Book About Death

Why not welcome back Marc Watson, as we talk about the first book he ever wrote? OK, we  do that in tonight’s episode for a number of reasons.  First, Death Dresses Poorly is a damn good read, fresh, funny and very original. Second, Marc wanted to come on to tale about it for another reason. […]

TalkCast470 – We Are Siamese If You Don’t, Please?

In this episode we get to ask the question, “So, what have you been doing during the pandemic?”. If your name happens to be Brian Menard, it would seem as if your plate has been full. Between the crime fighting comic, Siamese,  feline based superheroes, and converting a trilogy of young adult novels called The […]

TalkCast 469 – Tonight on the Medieval History Channel…Whales?

Raise your hand if you thought that Welsh history would have been a topic for this podcast, OK, hands down, Now, raise your hands if you thought fantasy welsh novels would ever be a topic on this podcast, Well, see how wrong you were because you are about to be fascinated, as we all were […]

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