Monthly Archives: April 2020

Podcast 438 – A “Slerk” of Blood with Curtis Lawson, or Lucien’s Song

Can music be evil, in and of itself? We explore this concept using a piece of fictional classical music called The Madrigal of the World’s End. In this episode, we get to once again talk with horror novelist Curtis M. Lawson (and yes, I do goof his name, but this time in an entirely unexpected […]

TalkCast 437 – Once Upon an Extraterrestrial Nightmare

Hey and hi, everyone. Welcome to the new normal of the pared down interview where, because of the current “world wide crisis”, bandwidth is limited 24/7 which makes using the internet a problem for us to work in. That being said, we will continue on as best we can with whatever limited resources are available. Our […]

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