Monthly Archives: January 2020

TalkCast 431 – What The Hell Is A Space Viking, Anyway?

We are joined tonight by Mathew Ross Craftan the man behind Space Viking Productions. He is a self described dreamer prone to wonder. His new comic creation is called Void Sever. “Void Sever” is a wide-branching story of surrealist science fiction. It was in part inspired by creators like Isaac Asimov, Christopher Nolan, and Lewis Carroll. They opened […]

TalkCast 430 – Live (on tape) From Australia

In this episode, we talk with Australian author Liz Butcher about Fates’ Fury, her debut novel. As the interview begins, we briefly touched on the wildfire catastrophe that has enveloped her country. Her first hand account of the devastation there is chilling. Then we talked about how her ideas became this novel. The discussion centered on […]

TalkCast 429 – A Tale of Two Futures

Life’s a bitch. She deals off the bottom of the deck. But you play the hands you’re given. In this episode we talk with the writing team collectively known as O.E.Tearmann about their Aces High Jokers Wild series and specifically the first book in the series, The Hands We’re Given. The series is set  in an […]

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