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TalkCast 265 – Scott Goudsward and Rachel Kenley

This week’s Agent Carter review: all your faves are bi. Also, gal pals. The Six Important Moments From This Week’s Agent Carter – Valediction Not So Super Heroes New book that everyone needs to read alert: A Darker Shade of Magic KickStarter Boston Underground Film Festival: March 25-29, 2015 Tonight’s guests are editors Scott Goudsward and […]

TalkCast 264 – Storied Threads

  We began the night talking about a fund raiser on Feb. 22, 2015 to help rebuild Collectors Kingdom, Jesse Wroblewski joined us to talk about the legacy of the famous local Long Island shop and efforts to help rebuild after a fire completely destroyed it. Agent Carter Weekly Roundup KickStarter: The Family Arcana Walking […]

TalkCast 263 – Joseph Schmalke

Save Collectors Kingdom Another Agent Carter Discussion Welcome Home Spiderman Divinity #1 Our guest, Joseph Schmalke returns to discuss his new comic, The Infernal Pact, its KickStarter, the evolution of this project and woodcarvings.

TalkCast 262 – Jim Dyer

Sir Sarah’s Weekly Agent Carter Rant Daredevil Trailer debut In “Ew” News of the Week, Some Dude Got His Nose Cut Off so He Could Look Like Red Skull Lost Footage of Robin Williams Shows His True Comic Genius Marvel Comics is Doing…Something…Where Captain America is Female!!! (Marvel Comicsverse is so confusing) No, Seriously, What […]

TalkCast 261 – Griffin Ess

Friends of Bob Shaw – Read it, learn it, accept that we will be using this definition on the show. Joss says Sexism is Preventing Female-Led Superhero Movies and, well, No Arguments Here Why Entertainment Weekly is the Worst: They’re Pinning all the Hopes of Future Female Superheroes on Agent Carter Agents of SHIELD Mid-Season […]

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