Monthly Archives: January 2015

TalkCast 260 – Andy Arnott and Alex Cormack

Kickstarters of the Week: Exploding Kittens Parks And Recreation’s Absurd Board Game Could Become A $500 Reality Queers Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter is Live News: What the Everloving Fuck is Marvel Comics Doing? BIG HERO 6 a Wonderful Movie The LEGO Movie Snubbed By Oscars…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Supernatural Manages To Have The 2 Most Annoying Female Characters […]

Talkcast 259 – Is that a guest or a tumbleweed?!

Turns out it was just a tumbleweed. After 3 weeks off the air, we return, guest or no guest! Agent Carter is AMAZING Seriously, Agent Carter is the BEST CBS’s Supergirl Will Be a Crime Procedural/”Female Empowerment Story” Pervy Rabbis Ant Man vs The Atom Ghost In The Shell Casting called Whitewashing Nominations for the […]

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