Monthly Archives: September 2013

TalkCast 199 – Matthew Wayne Selznick

Granite Con update for next week! Updates on Rock & Shock Wesley’s Sweater, then and now Bill Nye Cha-Chas like a Boss Joss Whedon is fixing Thor 2 Ruth Negga of Misfits get a role oh S.H.I.E.L.D. Is there a second Marvel TV show in the works? Yes indeed! Sleepy Hollow: Camp or Crap? American […]

Talking Cats, Zombies, and Mecha-Crabs: Who could ask for anything more?

 Ehmm Theory is a fun take on a classic story of self discovery. We meet Gabriel Ehmm on his way home to surprise his girlfriend with a new cat he just got for her.  But it’s Gabriel who is surprised when she is waiting for him with a gun and a pair of women’s underwear […]

Talkcast 198 – Tracy Hickman

RIP Ann Crispin RIVAL PODCAST: Welcome to Night Vale has stolen my heart Stargate being rebooted into a new trilogy JK Rowling is going to write a new series of movies based in the Harry Potter ‘verse True Blood Cancelled Heinlein’s bed up for sale Let’s Blame Toy Companies for  lousy Wonder Woman attempts Star […]

TalkCast 197 – Triple Trouble with Laura Ortiz and Swallow Your Bliss

RIP Frederick Pohl Former Guest Sara Mayhew’s Indiegogo DC Denys Batwoman her lesbian wedding “Let’s make suicide a joke! And make it skeezy with nudity!” – DC Comics Tonight we’ve got a triple-guest double-header, just for you! First up are Bill Everingham and Pattie Kelly of Swallow Your Bliss, a web sitcom described as “30 […]

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