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TalkCast 184 – Improvised Star Trek

Inkwell awards update Kickstarter of the week: Get Dorks in Dungeons to GenCon Move over, 50 Shades! Amazon will now sell fanfic. AMC verbally commits to Walking Dead till 2022…at least And once again, there IS a GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Festivities for Superman Day Society 6 T-shirts Warehouse 13 ending next season Benedict Cumberbatch is KHAN […]

Talkcast 183 – Roberto Hoyos of Throwboy Pillows

Kickstarter Free Launch of Brigade! Kickstarter of the week (This is stupid): Don’t back Zach      Some Data: Big Kickstarter Projects By Famous People Actually Helps Other Projects      Update…maybe we were wrong…maybe Watch City photo roundup from Arrow Season One finale is amazing storytelling and great TV What Revolution Needs to […]

Dive into Wolfe’s Bay (you won’t regret it!)

The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay is a hidden gem amongst independent comics. The book’s creator, Erik Evensen, has done a wonderful job of creating a unique comic experience. He combines a number of different elements to create a fun and exciting adventure that should appeal to almost anyone. The story revolves around Brian Wegman, a […]

Talkcast 182 – Erik Evensen

Warehouse 13 continues to rock So does Orphan Black And so does Dr. Who RIP Ray Harryhausen Megan Fox IS April O’Neil Oodles of new genre TV on the way Major shout outs to Kevin Eastman and Fiona Russell, VP of Heavy Metal Poll: What was your fave FREE COMIC BOOK DAY comic? Tonight’s guest […]

Talkcast 181 – Special Surprise Guests

  TMNT are NOT aliens now Chick-Fil-A really wants you to take your mom on a medieval date Krypton still alive in Man of Steel The captain of Bryan Fuller’s awesome, non-existent Trek TV show is… Arrow set to kick ass in Season 2 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Science Bros Dr. Demento’s Kickstarter bio will be […]

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