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Talkcast 164 – Mythos

Our Top Movies of 2012: The Avengers The Hobbit (2D!) Hunger Games Safety Not Guaranteed The Testament of Dr. Mabuse 1933 The Amazing Spiderman Fringe series Finale   Tonight’s guest is Miriam Pultro of the web series Mythos: “A character-driven, mythology-based webseries about  mortality, family, love, and fate.” She’s been nominated for Best Actress at […]

Undead Drive-In a Success!

  I’m not particularly a fan of horror.  The ins and outs of the genre are not my forte.  And to be completely honest, it isn’t often I appreciate pieces of work that fall into the genre.   It’s not because I’m squeamish or I get scared of  the dark, it’s simply because there is […]

Talkcast 163 – Francis Abbey of The Broken Continent

  Data and Geordi in the mooooorning! Geeky Xmas Cards Benedict Cumberbatch is NOT Khan The Once and Future Wonder Woman Fringe: The Emerald City? This is the weirdest TARDIS cosplay we’ve ever seen 7 Against Chaos Tonight’s guest is Francis Abbey, writer and executive producer for the fantasy webseries The Broken Continent. We talked about […]

Talkcast 162 – Ninjas vs. Monsters (or Vampires, or Zombies)

Pan’s Labyrinth on Broadway Live, online Spider Robinson lecture on writing science fiction TV tries Wonder Woman yet again Sea Breeze Recipe [Gift Suggestion] Darth Vader continues to be the best father ever in Jeffrey Brown’s Vader’s Little Princess SyFy winter programming. Poll: Who’s your favorite clone? Tonight’s guests are Justin Timpane and Daniel Ross […]

Talkcast 161 – Jamie Chambers

Neil Patrick Harris “dreams in puppets” in a new web series on the Nerdist Channel! SyFy at 20. Aussie zombie film to raise money for Red Cross Pacific Rim X-Men: Days of Future Past Be among the first to see the extended cut of one of Star Trek’s most famous episodes Star Trek Into Darkness […]

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