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Horror Fiction as a Möbius Strip – Crabapples

Rob Watts‘  series, The Crooked Roads Through Cedar Grove is an ongoing project of  combination novellas/albums by writer/composer Rob Watts. Each of the four titles is to be released in a limited edition of 250 signed and numbered volumes available until all 250 are sold out. At the conclusion of all four books the author is planning to […]

TalkCast 160 – Rob Watts

American Horror Story renewed for third season The Magic Schoolbus Movie We All Wanted “Less commercially viable” films now on Blu-Ray from Warner Archive Joss Whedon’s Show SHEILD Castle Goes to a Con Browncoats Unite 1952 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was literally darker than TNG New Q is adorable Red Rain, the New R. L. […]

Talkcast 159 – Star Trek: Renegades

RI Comic Con Wrapup Roberto Orci confirms the Locke & Key movie trilogy! William Shatner talks slam poetry app 5 Best Quotes from the Star Trek Captains Reunion British TV’s Misfits NASA is sending men back to the moon Tonight’s guests are producer Ethan Calk and actor Manu Intirayme from the planned fan film Star […]

Talkcast 158 – Jim Butcher

Guillermo Del Toro to direct DC “supernatural team” movie American Horror Story Joss Whedon endorses Mitt Romney for president of the zombie apocalypse Futurama’s Voice Actors at Work Scary horror movie set in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion And just how do we feel about Disney and Lucas? Poll:  What’s your favorite thing to watch with the […]

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