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TalkCast 94 – Sex and The Single Superhero

True Blood gets a season 5. Star Trek 2 bumped for GI Joe Our Facebook Poll votes for Darth as Best Villian. Lucas loses more money. Flight of The Navigator turns 25 with no reboot. Yay. Our guests tonight are Jeff Burns, Writer and Director and Mark Pezzula, Star of Super Knocked Up: a new  […]

Fiction Friday – Poe, Edgar Allan

What can you say about Edgar Allan Poe? You might say he is the Grandmaster of Horror. You could posit that he is responsible for more nightmares than any other author. You may state that he is a tragic figure in literary history with a legacy of morbid curiosity that has never been seen since. […]

Movies I Wish You Had Seen – Silent Running

The earth is overpopulated. Vast ecologies are being decimated by the influx of humans. How can we save earth? What must we do? Thus begins the parable of Freeman Lowell, space ecologist. Silent Running (1972) is a diatribe against the human condition, the lack of political will and the ultimate one man can make a […]

TalkCast 93 – Ted Woods

Thanks to Less Talk More Monkey for the opening music, Damn It Feels Good To Be a Lannister. Congrats to our own Amandatron3000 and hubby on the birth of their new cog. Betty and Barney Hill get a plaque in New Hampshire. Ridley Scott LOVES 3D. JJ Abrams brings us Alcatraz. The Wonder Woman TV […]

Fiction Friday – Ward Moore

Who is Ward Moore? and why is he this week’s Fiction Friday? Well, Lucy, that takes a bit of ‘asplanin. First of all, Fiction Friday is going to be taking a trip in the Way Back Machine for the next few installments; a journey of discovery for our younger participants into the beginnings of modern […]

Talkcast 92 – The League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Our guests for the entire show are Matt Dursin, Clay N. Ferno & John Hunt from The League of Ordinary Gentlemen podcast. Avengers casting call draws thousands in Ohio. Spielberg plays the noob at ComiCon for The Adventures of Tintin. Torchwood gets a 21 share on the BBC. Disney’s first trailer for John Carter of Mars. […]

Wil Wheaton’s Just A Geek Review

If there’s one type of story I love, it’s the type of story where the author is brutally honest with themselves, and is unafraid to speak their mind and to show their emotions whether they are good or bad. Wil Wheaton’s autobiography, Just a Geek: Unflinchingly honest tales of the search for life, love, and […]

Talkcast 91 – Bill Walko of “The Hero Business”

Torchwood Miracle Day episode 1 Falling Skies picked up for a second season 30 Comic-Con exclusive toys you’ll sell your organs for [io9] This week, Warren Ellis writes a comic book in invisible ink [io9] Men In Black III Dollhouse: Epitaphs First look at Dori, Nori and Ori from The Hobbit set [io9] Bill Walko […]


Next on the summer viewing list: Surface: The Complete Series. This short lived TV show from 2005 about sea monsters was an enjoyable re-watch. Only fifteen episodes long, very few of the questions set forth in the show are answered, yet the ending makes you okay with that.

Movies I Wish You Had Seen – A Boy and His Dog

  So, what happens when a boy and his dog are among the myriad of victims of the apocalypse? In 1975, Harlan Ellison and L.Q. Jones adapted Ellison’s novella A Boy and His Dog for the screen.  Starring Don Johnson as the boy, Vic, and Tim McIntire as the voice of his dog, Blood, this […]

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