In Memory of The Dome

From all of Dome’s family we wanted to reach out to all of his friends and let you know that he passed peacefully surrounded by his family yesterday. We already miss him very much but feel lucky for the time we got to spend with him. There are no services planned. Please know he loved you all very much, and treasured your friendships. We’d really like it if you shared your favorite story of Dome in the comments.

TalkCast 534 – Duatero’s Just Another Word For Nothin’ Left To Lose

Brad C. Anderson

In this show we get the chance to talk with world builder Brad C. Anderson and how he used the meta-concept of a “generation ship” to help propel a wonderful new novel about lost pasts and new futures, Duatero. We spoke with Brad about the many facets and wonderful gambits he used throughout the book to add context and background to the story as well as propel the narrative using the five main characters; Kredo, Talia, Esperanto, Jak and Mihaelo. Each one is sublimely different and holds up differing cornerstones of this society as the reader navigates through this bafflingly complex yet somehow very close to understandable environment. As a reader, you are sent on and intellectual treasure hunt to find the clues along with the Majestro to unlock the clues behind the mystery of The Great Founder Donna.




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TalkCast 533 – The Gods Suck (Or So I Am Told)

Miles Cameron

Of all the things you can say about a book by Miles Cameron, it is NEVER boring and this is no exception. Against All Gods is a magnum opus encompassing continents and characters and events that is breathtaking in scope and you need a scorecard and map to keep track of. That being said, once you are acclimated  to the settings, pace and characters , it is a wild ride into the imaginings of Miles interpretations of the interweaving of Gods and man and it’s never fails to confound and amaze in its tales.What kills me about this book is that as much as at times I want not to like it I really couldn’t  because as confusingly complex, convoluted  and interwoven as it can become,it is character driven, compelling and ultimately quite a beautiful study and kinda the way Miles writes.

Miles is now off to Plataea 2022 where a kid can be an ancient. Follow the links below to join him and he will be back when he returns to talk about it.

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TalkCast 532 – Can I Offer You A Root Beer?

In the land of snarky comic science fiction there is a place where you go and someone yells out “NORM!!!!” or perhaps in this case “VANCE!!!”, as in this ‘Cast we are once again joined by C.T. Phipps and his sometimes partner in crime, the enigmatic Michael Suttkus to discuss book two of their space operatic extravaganza Space Academy Rejects. Some questions the reader might have in reading book two of a series, do I have to read the first book to have gainful understanding and enjoyment of this one? No and yes. I hope that clears it up. Secondly, is this book a stand alone? Maybe? Are there going to be more in the series? Why, of course there are! As always , the conversation meanders wherever it wants to and diverges as it should. The book is much like this interview, great fun. We all in Area 51 cannot wait for book three so we might have these gentlemen back to not explain everything yet again (they seem to do that very well) So, say hi to cousin Danny, if you happen to see him.

Actually C.T. Phipps

C.T. Stuff

NOT Michael Suttkus

Suttkus Stuff


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TalkCast 531 – Just Like Jack Vance, Only Spicier?

Who are “The Paladins of Vance”? Well, this ‘Casts guest, Matthew Hughes most certainly is. So, what does it mean, what do they do? We talk with Matthew about this and his amazing book Barbarians of The Beyond. It turns out that Matthew has an affinity with the work of the late Mr. Vance (as it seems most writers can source their literary lineage back to the influences of how a writer affected them) and he talked with us about his wonderful relationship with him over the years and how the “Paladins Of Vance” came to be and why it was so important for him to work within this universe. Hughes’ book is an amazing work of “Vanc-ian” space opera, in a style not much seen any more. As we talked about why Vance and space opera isnt “the thing” these days Hughes also mentioned authors the world might take time to revisit:

And in the end, all we can really say is noxxifnoxxibohintafedand.


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TalkCast 530 – They Call it Plastic City, Bubba

It’s Keith

In this ‘Cast, we speak with Keith Gleason, the guy with many hats. We talk about his podcast Indie Comics Relay with Johnny C (LOVE YOUR COFFEE, man) and we spend some time talking about his own personal comic Mighty Mascots on Alterna Comics. We also talk about sci fi on tv which we all just LOVe and dish about The Man Who Fell to Earth, Westworld, Harley Quinn and The Time Traveler’s Wife

That would normally be enough for a show BUT, this ‘Cast is really all about the triumphant return of Plastic City Comic Con. Join Keith, The Capt. and I as we discuss what a grand time it will be.

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TalkCast 529 – Anthropodermic Bibliopegy for Beginers

In this “Cast we get to talk with old friend Mark Leslie and new friend Julie Strauss. Why are they on together? Well, they have collaborated on the newest book in the Canadian Werewolf series, “Lover’s Moon. This book is a skillful telling of how The two protagonists, Gail and Michael, meet and fall in love. It is a romance, paranormal urban horror tale woven between two very different people who probably shouldn’t be together and yet they are. Wonderfully told in a point/counterpoint style, the two writers complement each other ass the two characters interact in New York’s paranormal community finding commonality with each other as werewolf and occultist. The pairing of these characters is as interesting as the pairing of Mark and Julie, so it’s a lot of fun to talk with them about how and why this book came together and where this joint venture is heading in the future. Join us now as we learn why Buddy always still talks in riddles.

Mark Leslie

Mark Leslie


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TalkCast 528 – Do You Even Know What A Red Shirt Means or More Quantum Nonsense?

C.T. Phipps

Welcome to 6 Degrees of Kelvin Bacon Grease by way of Vance Turbo and his ragtag crew of intergalactic misfits brought to you by the keenly twisted mind of our good friend and wonderful guest C. T. Phipps who we once again have the good fortune to speak with as he launches his newest sci fi epic series “Space Academy Dropouts”(cue echo, please). It’s a fun romp through a twisted universe and with C.T. as our guide and narrator tonight, we get a sneak peek into how and why this happened and where former Cadet Vannevar Tagash or as he wants to be known Vance Turbo and the human race is headed in the coming episodes. Where else might you hear a character say, “you’ve got that sci fi pheromone that makes someone want to bork you”.

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What’s Capt Cam Watching?

Quantum Mechanics explained in 60 seconds? Sure, Brian Cox does it on BBC.


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TalkCast 527 – Area 51 – The Helix Project Episode 5 Kickstarter

In tonights ‘Cast we get to spend some quality time with old friend Trevor Fernandez-Lenkiewicz just prior to the kickoff of the Kickstarter of Issue Five of Area 51 – The Helix Project. This is the ongoing project that we have followed from its inception and covered in many previous ‘casts. It has been a ton of fun for us here to watch this build and grow and talk with Trevor along the way. Join us all as we look back on the past two years and also look forward to what may be coming up for Pocket Watch Press.

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TalkCast 526 – What Can Be Said About Dr. Jekyll Alien Hunter?

Official Five Timer’s Club Member

As it turns out, quite a bit.  We got to learn about this project about 8 months ago from Dr. Bruce when he dropped the title talking about another project in Talkcast 503. So now we get to finally meet gifted new artist Julia Kazasnowska (in a live feed from Poland) and discuss the project from inception to fruition and how the collaboration will continue with future projects including animation and a second graphic novel. We also got a chance to talk about the editor George Verongas, Gary and Laura Dumm and Harvey Pekar. It’s an eclectic mix of influences that brings Hanna Jekyll’s story to like. Enjoy the chaos!

Dr. Bruce Olav Solheim


Julia Kazanowska


Geroge Verongos


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