TalkCast 476 – The Blood and The Finger

018ef1c63fdea267d2612f196ff0e263_original.png.What is a sequel? Is book two in a series a continuation of the story or an expansion of the characters? In this episode we get the chance to talk again with Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz as he brings us book two of his Kickstarter funded series, Area 51: The Helix Project. The fledgling writer has come a long way from his first project and this book shows wonderful depth and growth. It was great fun to talk with Trev about the growth he has made in both characters and story along the way in anticipation in the remaining books of the story arc. 

Has the creative process changed for him? What has Kickstarter done to the process? Has it helped or hurt….or both? How will Kickstarter change the way in which the remaining four issues are presented? We got the chance to talk about how the pandemic has made it virtually impossible to fund this project any other way.

It was also a lot of fun to talk about some of Trevors ideas for upcoming projects once this arc for Area 51 is completed, just so you don’t get the idea that he is a one trick pony. I think it’s safe to say, we have a lot more to look forward to from this talented young creator. Enjoy the chaos.


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TalkCast 475 – Yog-Sothothory For Dummies and Cultists

51qGyVVNgzL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_There are times when you find yourself in the deep end of the swimming pool without your water wings. Welcome to TalkCast 475, in which Dome finds himself uncomfortable ensconsconsed between two friends, co-host Commander Cam and guest C.T. Phipps, far more knowledgeable than he is upon this evening’s subject, i.e., Yog-Sothoth. And… a good time was had by all as I got the chance to ask a ton of stupid questions and we all got to have a ton of laughs about the myth and mythos of Lovcraftian weirdness in this newest creation including simply hysterically wild, wierd and utterly outstandingly brilliant stories by wonderdful authors including C.T and his friends Matthew Davenport, David Hambling, David Niall Wilson and David J. West.

Learning about Lovecraft is a lot like trying to sculpt with water in that nothing is really real or ever actually true or even really pronounceable. I found myself both lost and giggling and having more fun just listening than I had in quite a long time. I surely hope you will too.

Enjoy the Mountains Of Madness.


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Talkcast 474 – Space Aliens Don’t Cry by Bruce and Dumm

71WNlv7EOxL._AC_UY436_QL65_In this Talkcast, we once again meet up with part-time paranormal instigator and full time interesting guy Bruce Olav Soldheim to talk about his latest work Snarc, the Graphic Novel, not to be confused with Snarc , The Comic, which we talked about in TalkCast 439. This is a whole new and different Snarc…. Well not entirely new and different, instead it is a continuation, so to speak, of the non linear story, if you will of the odyssey of of our innocent bumbling alien invader and his talking stick as they stumble across the space and time of planet earth in a Schrodingers rock tumbler.In a very real sense, I get the feeling that this is how Bruce is most  of the time. The interview is really about as non-linear as the book so one is a good indication of the other; fun, light, enjoyable and yet there is meaning to be gleaned under the candy shell.

So, sit back, enjoy the nonlinear byplay and find the underlying history that brings you to the improbable futures of Snarc.


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TalkCast 473 – When Something Works…. Fix it.

Anvil-Issue-01-coverOn this edition, it’s all about evolution. About two years ago we got to meet Scot and Jane Noel as they began their process of building the passion project of a magazine of science fiction that they had alway wanted; Dreamforge a magazine of hope and positivism able to balance out the current wave of dystopian futurism (excuse the editorial slant of this writer….). I personally loved the idea, its concept, and execution and was, from inception, a vocal supporter.

And then, covid hit. And with it, jobs were  lost, the mail system was gutted, and with the economy sagging a new model had to be found for Dreamforge to continue to survive economically. Scot and Jane Noel join us to talk about the reimagination of Dreamforge Anvil as an online presence, how it will be similar and different from its predecessor, why they were forced to change it and why they believe it is an improvement.


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TalkCast 472 – The Haunting Mind

Jennifer Anne Gordon

Jennifer Anne Gordon

In this episode we get to once again talk again with Jennifer Anne Gordon about more of her art. First and foremost we talk about her gothic novel Beautiful, Frightening and Silent, a multi layered, multi-set  novel which is unique both in scope and style. We got to spend time discussing characters and development and how the pandemic may have influenced both. It’s fun picking Jens brain because you come to realize she writes much how she thinks which led to some very interesting and wonderful conversation

Afterwards the discussion meandered onto other subjects which may have included her painting, her photography, her “arrest record” and her Podcast, aptly titled Vox Vomitous. An hour is far too short a time to spend with such a talented lady, so we hope to have her on much more often.

Until then next time, enjoy Dagger Island again……….(cue the blood)


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TalkCast 471 – A Refreshing Book About Death

Marc Watson

Marc Watson

Why not welcome back Marc Watson, as we talk about the first book he ever wrote? OK, we  do that in tonight’s episode for a number of reasons.  First, Death Dresses Poorly is a damn good read, fresh, funny and very original. Second, Marc wanted to come on to tale about it for another reason. Third, it’s always fun to talk to Marc and fourth, We get to choose the guests….so there.

So, Marc’s first novel is an absolute hayride to hell and back and held our interest from the very first paragraph. Dear G/god, it is so unlike all his other work, which made it all the more entertainment , improbable and wonderful to absorb and enjoy. There was literally and figuratively not a wasted paragraph or parable to be had amongst the chapters; with characters both stunningly arrogant and beautiful. But the odd thing was He really didn’t want to talk much about a 4 year old book(only kinda kidding). What he was really on to talk about was how the pandemic had stunted his creativity and how he had found the workaround to it.

Said workaround was for him to teach himself how to create an audiobook,,,,  and no. not have a company do an audiobook for him but actually create the book from start to finish himself for Dearth Dresses Poorly. So we talked about what that process was like. We talked about negotiating that idea with his publisher. We talked about building a recording space in a closet in his home. We talked about Mystic Water Park. We talked about Kicking Horse Coffee (the coffee that gets 2 thumbs up from Death itself).

Enjoy the *Puget Plunge (*Copyright review underway)


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TalkCast470 – We Are Siamese If You Don’t, Please?

Dojo Kun Comics Corner Logo_JPGIn this episode we get to ask the question, “So, what have you been doing during the pandemic?”. If your name happens to be Brian Menard, it would seem as if your plate has been full. Between the crime fighting comic, Siamese,  feline based superheroes, and converting a trilogy of young adult novels called The Healing Wars by Janice Hardy to graphic novels, Brian Menard has been a busy man.  Along the way we discuss his issues with crowdfunding and dealing with “alleged fraud” on these sites.  
Brian Menard is a man who has plans for comics that will span the next few years.  We also talk about him making connections with creators in other countries using sites like  It will be interesting to watch the evolution of Dojo Kun Comics and see how they grow. Meanwhile The Indiegogo campaign for the trade paperback of Siamese will be coming up in the very near future, enjoy.


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TalkCast 469 – Tonight on the Medieval History Channel…Whales?

Marie Powell

Marie Powell

Raise your hand if you thought that Welsh history would have been a topic for this podcast, OK, hands down, Now, raise your hands if you thought fantasy welsh novels would ever be a topic on this podcast, Well, see how wrong you were because you are about to be fascinated, as we all were in talking with Marie Powell about her new series Last Of The Gifted. In this episode we focus on how and why this series happened and the genesis of her first book in this saga Spirit Sight.

It is an almost decades long story of her pursuit of her own history interwoven with an ancient hidden past which takes her both physically and metaphorically back centuries to create and recreate an old/new world for use to imagine as she reimagines a beautiful past. 

Those familiar with most of her past work as a children’s author will be quite delighted at the beauty, maturity  and difference in this work, While some have referred to this as YA, I will vociferously disagree. This is the beginning of a wonderfully well written series of novels . Take the time to listen to her, get to know her, read the book and do what we did. 



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TalkCast 468 – Leukocyte? I Never Touched That Antigen!

Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz

Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz

On tonight’s show we talk with comic creator Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz, someone who by his own admission came into comic books late in life.  This did not deter him from developing a deep love and respect for the craft of comics.  He has created two websites, Dark Knight Nation and Pocket Watch Press.  While in his role as the writer on his comic Area 51: The Helix Project he took a comic craftsman’s approach to understanding the importance of every part of the comic creation, from penciling, coloring, inking and lettering.  He was aware of what he could do best and was savvy enough to find those who could do the other parts better which included artwork by Marcello Salaza, colorist Marcio Freire and letterer Taylor Esposito.

We also got to talk about what it’s like to do your very first kickstarter and expect to show it at conventions during the time of forbidden Covid events. 

Lots to talk about, lots to learn about this new series and a new author.

Enjoy the chaos


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Talkcast 467 – She Haunts Lonely Places


Jennifer Anne Gordon

As residents of New England we can tell you that the coast of Maine is equally beautiful and haunting.  There are many ghost stories to be found about the desolate seacoast of Maine, it’s haunted lighthouses and islands.  During the isolation of the winter months the deep loneliness has resulted in tragic outcomes that loom over the scenery. It is within this eerily sterile landscape our guest resides and has set her latest two (or is it actually one)  stories of gothic horror.

Jennifer Anne Gordon joins us on this podcast to talk about her two books From Daylight to Madness and When the Sleeping Dead Still Talk from her The Hotel series.This series of gothic horror books spins a somewhat non-linear web of tales weaving in and out the malformed psychies of broken minds that inhabit her world. If you find this description difficult to comprehend, so be it. The books are not a simple easy read. The characters are not straightforward and the setting is NOT as it  may seem. This is a complex series that unlike many other series is deeply linked to the other.

And if that was all we had to talk about , wow , that would have been enough but nooooooo…. There is so much more to this eclectic lady than meets the eye. A quick check of her multiple websites gives  the barest thumbnail of her multifaceted talents, abilities and explorations. We could have talked to her for hours on a myriad of subjects all in some way connected to Sci Fi…and we shall, of that there is little doubt. In point of fact, if she had not her own podcast, she could well be invited to become a regular here (take that as a gentle nudge)


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