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TalkCast 83 – Browncoats Redemption

Is Doctor Who getting “too scary”? NBC Passes on Wonder Woman, yet again but renews Chuck. ABC shuts down V and No Ordinary Family. Iron Sky – MOON NAZI’S movie ready for release. Neil Gaiman does Doctor Who. Arnold gets a divorce, we get Terminator 5 & 6. True Blood gets its first teaser for […]

TalkCast 80 – Boston Comic Con and Jeri Ryan

  Fringe sets a new tone of awesomeness. Little girl swears allegiance to the Dark Side. SyFy releases new schedule. Dragonriders of Pern in pre-production after 14 year delay. Doctor Who Season 6 debuts April 23 on BBC-A. Jeri Ryan tweets us!! Paramount options Martian Chronicles. Terra Nova suffers another delay. Cool new web comic: […]

TalkCast 71 – InkBot

Still time to vote for Illustrator X at Talenthouse. Zombies on Glee. Thriller/Heads Will Roll Mashup. Bar Karma – What if Spider Robinson did TV? Tom Cruse lobbies for Mountains of Madness Nathan Fillion as the voice of Green Lantern, what will Ryan Reynolds do? Watson will kick Human Butt on Jeopardy. Was is “Series […]

TalkCast 69 – Browncoats: Redemption 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Tonight’s guest is Michael Dougherty, producer, director of Browncoats Redemption.Due to a technical glitch in our vast array of Cray Supercomputers, tonight’s episode was recreated using amazingly life like animatronics and the latest in cloning technology. The Death of The Human Torch…not. NBC Picks up Wonder Woman after Comcast picks up NBC. Friday night Kevorkian […]

TalkCast 68 – The Slow March To Boston Begins

Tonight we interview Nicole Hansche and talk about her upcoming Boston ComiCon appearance and her other plans. Also: Anne Hathaway as the newest Catwoman. Jughead vs. The Comic Code. Fringe returns with homage to The Muppets and Twin Peaks. NBC picks up Wonder Woman. Judge Dread (and boy am I). Web Shooters? Seriously? The latest […]

TalkCast 66 – The call of the Alaskan Marian and other Geek Oddities.

2010 Year In Review Part II (Because there were so many unanswered questions in Part 1) Worst Comic/Graphic Novel: Dome: Models, Inc. Java: Chaos War: Thor Dru: Titans: Villains for Hire Dead Redhead: End of Ex Machina/Restart of Wonder Woman Illustrator X:  Too many to count Best Surprise Of the Year: Dome: Clare Kramer/Mercedes McNabb […]

Talkcast 65 – The Binary ‘Cast 1-1-11

A very disjointed look at the year in review. In Part One of 2010 in Review, with our guest Chad Cicconi, we discuss… Best Movie: Dome, Java & Illustrator X: Inception Kriana: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Dru: Iron Man 2 Zombrarian: Jonah Hex (or Mansquito) Dead Redhead: http:Machete/Kickass Chad: Harry Potter […]

TalkCast 63 – The Dragons Bard Project

RIP Leslie Nielsen, don’t call him Shirley. The Lost Craig Ferguson Dr. Who Opening. Holidays Specials for Dr. Who, Eureka and Warehouse 13. Holiday Goodness! The Walking Dead writers purge rumors and a fond farewell to Season 1. No Ordinary Family fares well on the network scene. Seth Rogan has a good 2 minutes in […]

TalkCast 62 – Project Runaway Creations

Minds Eyes Premieres That damn Buffy reboot. Special Bargains for our listeners! See the Deals Links on the Home Page. New to You – The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks. 4 down, 2 to go until Season 2 of The Walking Dead How to talk to your kids about Star Wars. Original […]

TalkCast 58 – All Hallows Eve Fright

Tonight, we eat drink and be merry  with horror writer C.J. Henderson. Terry Gillaims new short film, Legend of Hallodega. Love it or hate it, Glee Rocky Horror. (via TV Squad) Syfy Kill Caprica. (via Airlock Alpha) Syfy’s iPhone app for Ghost Hunting. (via Airlock Alpha) Roland Emmerich’s Alien Invasion Movie. (via Heat Vision) Our […]

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