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TalkCast 52 – When Ray Bradbury Gets Some…

Browncoats Redemption I GOT MINE! Get your here. Happy Birthday Shadonda. Genddy Tartakovsky returns with Sym-Bionic Titan! Complete guide to Fall Season of Sci Fi part. 2 (via blasrtr) Night of the Living Trekkies (via Geeks of Doom) Edward James Olmos doing graphic novel sequel to BSG (via blastr) Neil Gaiman to be a “furry” […]

Attention Mr. and Mrs. America and All the Ships at Sea! All The Nudes That’s Fit To Print, Local, National, Zombie Strippers & GRANITECON

GRANITECON, formerly known as The Granite State Comicon is this Sunday, May 18th., from 10AM to 4PM at the Radission Manchester In New Hampster, the state which is also home base for our humble MegaCorperation,SCIFICO.   http://www.dmcomics.com/site2/granitecon.html     Our friends at Double Midnight Comics are once again hosting the event, Chris and Scott (otherwise known as Chris’ brother), […]

The Inevitable Look Back

Entertainment Weekly magazine has a website which this week is counting down the TOP 25 SCI-FI. Amusement forced me to check it out., nausea was my reward. For those of you not needing their collective stomachs pumped, here are some of the lowlights: # 25 – V The Television Series and following Sucktastic Made for […]

Doctor Who, One GREAT Episode down and the Culmination of Season 3 begins AND some last minute thingies for The New Season.

One of the smartest episodes EVER in the current incarnation of the good doctor ran last Friday, Blink. If you didn’t see in catch the rerun. If you did, don’t even try to tell me how amazing it was. I know, I know. .. To me, it seemed like another perfect spin off, but then again, what the heck do I know?

So, What is the Sci Fi Network Doin’ Right, anyway? – Part 2 “The Imports”

This is part 2 of a 3 part series about what’s going on in the Sci Fi Network, what’s working, what isn’t and what’s making me flip to the Game Show Network.

Doctor Who
I am so annoyed, so annoyed.

I am gonna break this down into good and bad for you.
The scripts and story arcs are so very well done!
The cinematography is outstanding.
The special effects can be breathtaking.

2 Doctors in 3 seasons-3 Companions in 3 seasons
Just as I was getting to really like Chris Eccleston, BOOM, he’s gone and replaced with a completely different Doctor as portrayed by David Tennant. Then, just as I was adjusting to the differing relationship between Doctors 9 and 10 with Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) BOOM AGAIN, she is killed and is replaced by Martha Jones ( Freema Agyeman) who I am just getting to like a lot (and you will love in the season endgame spanning 3 episodes) and then, BOOM, she is about to be replaced by……..sigh…….Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)(btw, I already don’t like her, I am mad enough that Rose is gone, so don’t get me started, OK?)

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