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TalkCast 110 – Steven Roman

Rocky Horror Picture Show voted Best Musical in this week’s SFSN Facebook Poll. Previous Guest Michael J. Sullivan’s book launched this week. Watchmen 2. Why are ghosts so horny on American Horror Story? Original work print of Manos: Hands of Fate found. Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead. Action Comics #1 sells for 2.16 Million. […]

Talkcast 103 – Strange Septembers

  This week’s SFSN Facebook Poll. Neil Stephenson on “Gold Farming”. Man goes through plastic surgery to become Superman. CW Shows coming to NetFlix. The Avengers Trailer comes out. Robert Downey, Jr. was as disappointed in Ironman II as everyone else was. Thor 2 pushed back to November 2013. The Divide trailer. American Horror Story […]

TalkCast 95 – Kill Shakespeare

Our readers rock, thanks for participating in our Facebook Polls! The Troy Library is saved. Kurt Vonnegut’s book banned by a Business Professor. Slick Move. Jerk move – Eureka killed by SyFy Second Jerk Move – AMC cuts Walking Dead’s budget. Third Jerk Move – Raped Version of Metropolis goes to Blu-Ray. Rebeka Issacs will […]

The Crow Graphic Novel Revisited

Originally released in 1993, this classic urban gothic tale of tragedy and revenge came from a personal loss of artist/writer/creator James O’Barr. The Crow graphic novel is an intense arrangement of art, lyrical verse, anger, sadness and a story that is not meant to be entertaining, yet is satisfying to read.

The Guild: Graphic Novel Review

If you’ve seen the popular web series The Guild, about a group of on-line gamers dealing with issues both in-game and offline, then you’ll enjoy this graphic novel prequel. Originally released as a three-issue miniseries by Dark Horse Comics, the graphic novel comes with a few extras, and the story of Cyd Sherman’s life before […]

TalkCast 73 – What’s That Thing?

RIP – Nicholas Courtmey RIP – Dwayne McDuffie Kriana introduces our new staff; Kaia, M.D. Christie and RdaneelOlivaw IGN posts Flame Bait – The “supposed” Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Top Cat in 3D…And SPANISH! Dear FOX, You take Fringe, move it to Friday, watch it die and walk away. Wanna read the last chapter of […]

TalkCast 71 – InkBot

Still time to vote for Illustrator X at Talenthouse. Zombies on Glee. Thriller/Heads Will Roll Mashup. Bar Karma – What if Spider Robinson did TV? Tom Cruse lobbies for Mountains of Madness Nathan Fillion as the voice of Green Lantern, what will Ryan Reynolds do? Watson will kick Human Butt on Jeopardy. Was is “Series […]

TalkCast 70 – The Moving Hand Draws

This week’s news and views: Vote for Illustrator X in Talenthouse Competition. Why is Bill Murray holding Ghostbusters 3 hostage? Is Jim Parsons just an unfunny Sheldon Cooper? Rob Zombie needs to cease making movies. Like it or not, Dark Shadows is being remade. Burton, Depp and Green. Like it or not, Godzilla is being […]

TalkCast 69 – Browncoats: Redemption 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Tonight’s guest is Michael Dougherty, producer, director of Browncoats Redemption.Due to a technical glitch in our vast array of Cray Supercomputers, tonight’s episode was recreated using amazingly life like animatronics and the latest in cloning technology. The Death of The Human Torch…not. NBC Picks up Wonder Woman after Comcast picks up NBC. Friday night Kevorkian […]

TalkCast 68 – The Slow March To Boston Begins

Tonight we interview Nicole Hansche and talk about her upcoming Boston ComiCon appearance and her other plans. Also: Anne Hathaway as the newest Catwoman. Jughead vs. The Comic Code. Fringe returns with homage to The Muppets and Twin Peaks. NBC picks up Wonder Woman. Judge Dread (and boy am I). Web Shooters? Seriously? The latest […]

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