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TalkCast 81 – Mind’s Eye

  RIP Elisabeth Sladen. Doctor Who Season 6 begins. John DeLancie joins the cast of Torchwood. Fringe continues. The Cast of the ‘cast will be at Boston Comic Con next week. New feature on the website: Fiction Friday. Toni LoTempio is donating sales of her novel to “Kids Need To Read” Game of Thrones renewed after […]

TalkCast 80 – Boston Comic Con and Jeri Ryan

  Fringe sets a new tone of awesomeness. Little girl swears allegiance to the Dark Side. SyFy releases new schedule. Dragonriders of Pern in pre-production after 14 year delay. Doctor Who Season 6 debuts April 23 on BBC-A. Jeri Ryan tweets us!! Paramount options Martian Chronicles. Terra Nova suffers another delay. Cool new web comic: […]

TalkCast 79 – Is There An Echo In Here?

Browncoats: Redemption countdown. Chinese censors ban Time Travel TV, because it’s “made up”. George Takei’s audition for Spiderman: Turn off the Dark. Game of Thrones. Star Trek Episodes coming to Netflix. Paramount shoots down both Frakes and Shatner Star Trek 12 begins production in May. Star Wars: The Musical? They renamed it Rise of The Planet […]

TalkCast 78 – The Guestless Show

In the turmoil of our everyday events, don’t forget that help for Japan is still needed. Be wary of scams. Contact The Red Cross to donate directly. Felicia Day tweets… something… Peter Jackson adding new characters to The Hobbit. April Fools Roundup: Nathan Fillion puts fans into a panic. Think Geek presents its 2011 April Fools […]

Kryptonite Never Looked So Hot

EPIC #0 by Tyler James and Matt Zolman:  A “No Spoilers” review Imagine being a Super Hero. Imagine all the verve and vitality of youth and super powers and idealism. Imagine hormones run rampant, Imagine being in Florida during spring break. Imagine your secret vulnerability is …hot girls. Does the term screwed come to mind?

TalkCast 75 – Even Cats Love Sci Fi!

A big hello to the Browncoats Redemption Crew and producer Director Mike Dougherty at SXSW in Austin Texas. Zombies vs. Vampires on TVs Deadliest Warrior!! More Avatar! The good one! The Cape Finale only on-line, the episode is here. Super 8. Here’s the trailer. Supernatural…anyone watching? No, they’re all watching Fringe. E-Book DRM controversy escalates. […]

TalkCast 74 – Sketch Cards R Us

  The Game Of Thrones Trailer. Dead Island Trailer. Thundercats Reboot. Super. Suckerpunch. Resident Evil 5? Elizabeth Hurley as the villain in Wonder Woman. Diane Lane as Martha Kent in Superman. Anne Hathaway dishes to Oprah about Catwoman. The new Disney Dream Pictures. Peter Pan? Begins? Christopher Nolan noshes with the Bladerunner Prequel team.   After […]

TalkCast 72 – It’s Sexy Time with author HP Mallory

News tonight: Happy Birthday Sara Richard. Double Midnight Comics announces their new movie. Is Firefly coming back? Browncoats comment and so does Nathan Fillion. Harry Potter screenwriter to rewrite Akira. Superhero Dating? Sure! Who auditioned for Superman in the original Chris Reeve’s costume? Detroit gets a RoboCop Statue after all. Why is Green Hornet’s director […]

TalkCast 71 – InkBot

Still time to vote for Illustrator X at Talenthouse. Zombies on Glee. Thriller/Heads Will Roll Mashup. Bar Karma – What if Spider Robinson did TV? Tom Cruse lobbies for Mountains of Madness Nathan Fillion as the voice of Green Lantern, what will Ryan Reynolds do? Watson will kick Human Butt on Jeopardy. Was is “Series […]

TalkCast 70 – The Moving Hand Draws

This week’s news and views: Vote for Illustrator X in Talenthouse Competition. Why is Bill Murray holding Ghostbusters 3 hostage? Is Jim Parsons just an unfunny Sheldon Cooper? Rob Zombie needs to cease making movies. Like it or not, Dark Shadows is being remade. Burton, Depp and Green. Like it or not, Godzilla is being […]

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