Part 4 of 4.852 The New Network Season – Get out the tea and soft music….cuz I’m gonna be ill….oh, is my legs over there?

The new season:

Jamie Sommers, Jamie Sommers- the newest sitcom from Norman Lear is about a fictional town in…..oh god, never mind, I just had a 70’s flashback. Wait a moment so did this show.

The Show – Bionic Woman

When – Wednesday 9pm

Biggest Mistake Pre-air – Isaiah Washington (and I refuse to get into the specifics)

Derivation- Bionic Woman

Folks, much as I hate to say it, I couldn’t care less is this was Gold Sci Fi. With Isaiah in the cast, I am sickened beyond the ability to watch it. Why didn’t they let Leni Riefenstahl do the cinematography or Mel Gibson guest star, and while we are at it………. Enough….I could rant about this for pages but it is tainted. I chose not to watch and invite you all to make your own decision.As much as this may be good, I just can’t do it.

DomeSigning off

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