The 4400 – I get worried when…..

so, last nights episode was good, not great, not awesome, just good. The reason for this is that 4400 has moved from storytelling to preaching. The characters are not talking to each other anymore. Some examples:

Cassie – From Kyles’ spirit guide to TaskMistress, she is not alot of fun to listen to anymore.

Kyle Baldwin – as stupid as he ever was. Nope, stupider. Picture him as a young but much uglier Marlon Brando screaming IIISSSSSABELLE…….. or maybe don’t.

Tom Baldwin – Get that thing out of his head or does he have to kill himeslf too, because I am rooting for him to kill himself right now.

Maia – When did she become stupid? Mommydead and Daddydead come back to wish her happy birthday and seduce her into Promise City??? PLEEEEEEEEASE.

Jordan Collier – and just why did he come back????

What we end up with is a bad version of Blind Mans Bluff/Truth or Dare.
First up will be Isabelle.
Oh, and hint to Megan, rent a copy of Sleeping with the Enemy”, soon.
This is Dome
Signing off

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