Podcast 438 – A “Slerk” of Blood with Curtis Lawson, or Lucien’s Song

Curtis M Lawson

Curtis M Lawson

Can music be evil, in and of itself? We explore this concept using a piece of fictional classical music called The Madrigal of the World’s End. In this episode, we get to once again talk with horror novelist Curtis M. Lawson (and yes, I do goof his name, but this time in an entirely unexpected way). He came on to talk about his newest novel, Black Heart Boys Choir. This is an excruciatingly beautiful work combining classical music, mysticism, demonology, teen angst, class disparity and the unbearable ache of loneliness masked in the infantile affectation of superiority of the main character, a sullen angry and depressed teen musical prodigy. The book provides a blurred reality fantasy world that crescendos into a wholly unexpected reveal that leaves you wondering where reality ends and what reality is and has become for the multi-flawed main character, Lucien.

We also got to talk about some of the process in the novel worked for Curtis. Among them:

  • How Will Eisner’s use of visual shorthand was adapted for the novel
  • The influence of A Clockwork Orange
  • Kurt Vonnegut’s influence in his writing style. “Cut all the boring shit!”.
  • His start in writing.
  • Wanting to write for Marvel in his younger days.
  • His early web comics which evolved into darker fantasy and horror.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to talk about his new podcast, Wyrd Transmissions.

Welcome to chaos at its best!  Enjoy.


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Black Heart Boys Choir

Black Heart Boys Choir

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