TalkCast 431 – What The Hell Is A Space Viking, Anyway?

c17e74_0073a46cae614e59964cae9260576959~mv2_d_2700_2700_s_4_2We are joined tonight by Mathew Ross Craftan the man behind Space Viking Productions. He is a self described dreamer prone to wonder. His new comic creation is called Void Sever. “Void Sever” is a wide-branching story of surrealist science fiction. It was in part inspired by creators like Isaac Asimov, Christopher Nolan, and Lewis Carroll. They opened their readers’ minds to what is possible and what it means to be transported to another world or another time. SVP hopes to do the same with Void Sever.

This is a story about a couple who are sent out to explore the void in search of a habitable world for humanity using an experimental ship equipped with the new void severing drive technology. They encounter many complications on their journey, including while they are in stasis with the virtual dream world controlled by their AI counterpart. The separate worlds of reality and dream begin instilling madness. Can they find a new home before they fall to their own insanity?

If you want to meet and talk to Matt, you can see him at the Bangor Comic and Toy Con. on April 25th. And the Upper Valley Comic Expo on October 10th.

Chaos? It resides here.


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Void Sever

Void Sever

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