TalkCast 377 – (Insert Snappy Title Here)

It’s another two-guest episode.

Nicole Dubuc

Nicole Dubuc

An actress, a show runner, a voice actor and a comic book writer all walk into a podcast.

Well tonight that’s one person, the multi talented writer of Darby Pop Publishing’s Bruce Lee comic, Nicole Dubuc. We get a chance to talk about all of her past and current roles and the many things she is doing now. Nicole talks about why the Bruce Lee – The Walk of the Dragon comic is so special to her and her working with Shannon Lee in putting this project together. We barely scratched the surface of who she is and what she does.


Griffin Ess

Griffin Ess

Then Griffin Ess joined us. Griffin was ostensibly here to talk about Nuclear Physics and the Rise of Neo-Colonialism in Global Diversity. At the last minute he decided to change his agenda and instead we talked about his unique contribution to My Peculiar Family 2 (currently at a Kickstarter near you) both in written form as well his very interesting reward. He also revealed a bit about his upcoming Kickstarter with his co-conspirator George O’Connor, his current projects on Shaded Areas and the affects of chocolate on the human nervous system (a pet project of his).


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