TalkCast 20

General Topics:

Human Target- Dear God, why?

Smallville has actually been decent; hell freezes over.

I havent been watching Caprica for a reason

What’s up with that Palestinian group dressing up like the Na’vi?

Hot hot HOT pics of the chicks from Fringe and Caprica on

Space shuttle crew awakened to Firefly theme

Roger Corman to make SHARKTOPUS for Syfy network. We suggest Sharktopus Vs. Mansquito and implore everyone to write into SyFy.

Chris Proulx from Double Midnight Comics with what the hell is new.

Scott Wegener

Atomic Robo Vol.4, Atomic Robo & The Revenge of the Vampire Dimension

He will be at GraniteCon on 3/14 for a Panel Discussion with Brian Clevinger, and also at Boston ComiCon on 4/11-12.


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