Can Spielberg Bring Back Pinky and the Brain, too?

So, let’s take a quick glimpse into the past, shall we? Indiana Jones 1 through 4, The Lovely Bones, Transformers 1 through 3, Catch Me if You Can, Band of Brothers, Hook, AI, Empire of the Sun, The Mask of Zorro, Deep Impact, MIB, Harry and the Hendersons, what an inconsistent list!

Seriously, SS is one of the most prolific Producer/Directors of this or any other era in American Cinema and Television, which is why I am so damn confused at this latest project. Noah Whyle and Moon Bloodgood in a yet unnamed pilot for TNT all about alien invasion. Here’s a thought, call it Alien Invasion and forget Noah Whyle (Remember The Librarian??) Fans of Moon Bloodgood, those of you males with eyes, are going to be in for a treat. Her rather voluptuous body….um…… of work  is about to have another notch in it (Check out the photo gallery here) So, the question remains, why Noah Whyle? What has he proven? Where are his creds?  He is NOT the next Indiana Jones, not even Minnesota Slims, so why him? What we do know the are following things, it is greenlit for 10, 1 hour episodes, it will probably air in early 2011 and it will have Moon Bloodgood-ness and that alone may be enough to balance out the Noah factor. Yet another wait and see in the genre.

This is Dome sayin: Turkey Pastrami isn’t turkey and really isn’t pastrami either. God knows what this will be.

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  1. DeadRedHead

    This is the Dead RedHead just checking in! Did anyone
    get the trivia question yet?

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