TalkCast 88 – Spider Robinson

Spider Robinson

In this interview, Spider and the entire cast hit on a range of topics. Ever the consummate gentleman, we discuss his beginnings and relationship with Ben Bova and Isaac Asimov, remember his wife Jeanne, how Mike Callahan was born, the state of politics, writing, music and whatever else wandered into the conversation. Join us as we enter Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon.


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One Response to “TalkCast 88 – Spider Robinson”

  1. I stand by what I said at the end of the show. Heinlein may be a more “important” writer, but I’d rather read a Spider Robinson book any day. His work is an absolute joy to read. Other authors may implore you to reach for the stars, but Spider understands that you’ll want to have a drink with your friends when you get there.

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