Talkcast 86 – Ben Bova

Tonight Ben Bova talks to us about his relationship with the legendary Isaac Asimov (and his limericks). He also tells us about his book Leviathans of Jupiter.


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One Response to “Talkcast 86 – Ben Bova”

  1. In the past months, my life outside of Sci Fi Saturday Night has become complex beyond all imagination. A mixture of complication and mishap has made this enterprise become real work and I have been avoiding doing anything having to do with this site, preferring to immerse myself in the day-to-day ordinariness that is what we all do. Sitting down to write has become a chore. Watching a genre movie or television was time consuming and vastly unpalatable. Books and e-books sat in real and electronic piles in Area 51, where I run this empire from.

    This last Saturday, I had a hellish schedule leading up to the podcast. As the time approached, I left the venue I was at and as I pulled into the Area 51 Complex, I began to feel something I hadn’t felt in a number of months; I was genuinely jazzed to speak to Ben Bova again. Little did I know just how much fun and enlightening the hour would be. Dr. Bova was the gentleman I remembered him as being from my earlier interviews. He was genuinely engaging, ribald, funny, enlightening and (dare I say) inspiring. If you didn’t hear the interview, play it from our website, download it on iTunes, whatever.

    Dr. Bova gave me the answer I have been unknowingly searching for these past months. His searing sense of humor and elegant sensibilities smacked me in the face.

    We have an amazing Cast and Crew here. The TalkCast Crew, X, The Dead Red Head, Kriana, Zombrarian, Java and Dru all have a unique and quirky sensibility they bring to you all as well as a cross generational perspective that few other organizations can. Add to that the wonderful writers we have added, Amandatron3000, Winter Is Coming, SamanthaB and RDaneelOlivaw each have a distinctive perspective they bring to us and to you. We are an amazingly large, beautifully dysfunctional family with individual perceptions into what makes science fiction important to us and I hope to you.

    Dr. Bova inspires us; he inspired me. He got me to remember why I do this, why we all do it. No matter what sub context of the genre, Science fiction matters, it causes you to think, it causes things to happen. It is relevant even in its most ridiculous form (think Smallville). We do this because we care. We care about the human condition we care about the future, we care about….us. Regardless of whatever else may happen, we will keep writing and ‘Casting because somebody cares, and Dr. Bova reminded me that if we don’t, who the hell will.
    Thanks, Ben.

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