TalkCast 72 – It’s Sexy Time with author HP Mallory

News tonight:

Winner of the Random Wheel of Nouns is Mr. Washy. To be a big winner when we spin the random wheel next week, simply comment on this ‘Cast.

Our guest on the ‘Cast is HP Mallory, the simply vivacious  author of the Jolie Wilkins Series and the Dulcie O’Neil Series. Her books are available here:


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2 Responses to “TalkCast 72 – It’s Sexy Time with author HP Mallory”

  1. Witchy Poo

    Who wants to read fictional romance stories about ordinary people, when there is the option to read romance about witches, vampires, and other paranormal beings?

  2. Even though I’m not the demographic for HP Mallory’s work, nor am I really into paranormal romance, I’m getting this book because it’s well written (based on the reading she gave on the show, as well as The Dome’s endorsement) and I like to expand my horizons. Great guest. Great episode. Great chat room action.

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