The Vampire Diaries, Or Estrogen Should be More Fun Than Blood, But Isn’t.

It’s Thursday night, beginning of the NFL Season, no more pre-season meaningless games being played by people you will never see again, and I hate the Steelers. So, at 8pm, instead of watching pre-game testosterone, I flip to the CW for the ladies of the house to watch The Vampire Diaries. The living room clears before the first commercial break, and “are you ready for some footballllllll”.

The question is, why? Cute babes, teen angst, brooding Vampire brothers, blood and lust. All the formulaic aspects are here and that is the problem. This is a cookie cutter project, to be found in almost any television executives’ bottom drawer, right next to the bottle of scotch. There is nothing new here nothing, NOTHING. And the bottom line is 13 year old girl will think it’s kewl, and 13 year old boys will stare at all the girls in the cast, because there is as much substance here as fog in the first episode. If this is the best we can do, perhaps the CW should fold, as the WB did, and let’s find something of substance to watch, because this isn’t it. I could give you a run down of the characters and who plays them but they will be doing bit parts on Grays Anatomy as Corpse #2, before the season ends.

This is Dome sayin: Enough already, gimme something I can sink my teeth into!

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