And Now, it’s Time to Play…..WHATS THAT SMELL!

This simply cannot end well. While perusing the Interwebs, I stumbled across what I inadvertently thought was a joke. Well cadets, the joke is on me, this stuff is real.

At first I thought about the possibility of smelling like James T. Kirk and became mildly disgusted. My personal favorite is Pon Farr Perfume for Women (glad they made that distinction for me). This is probably the ultimate gift for the discriminating Trecker, but  somehow reminders me more of the fall of civilization as we know it. Imagine the possibilities, Hulk Anti-Perspirant,  Batman Underoos (damn, already got them) Spiderman Hand Sanitizer and a Nick Fury line of Cigars.

This is Dome, sayin’… a perfect Friday post!

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