Torchwood and Doctor Who: Sarah Conner and Dollhouse (Fox sux): Chuck

There will be absolutely no spoilers in this post so, no need to worry your furry heads that I will spill the proverbial magic beans about your viewing favorites. This is a vent article, nothing more, so take it in the spirit of viciousness it was written in.

Torchwood – Children of Earth: OK, I was so angry at the way last season ended, I cannot even write coherently about it. As much as I despised Owen and loved Tash, taking the time to really flesh them out, give them a poignant back story and make them real and whole, so just to kill them was criminal writing and I could have written the series off at that point. I made a choice to view Children of Earth, and felt a visceral pull, and was once again about to be profoundly disappointed.  After a very pleasing start, by the end of Episode Three you know nothing god is going to happen and without spoiling it beyond that, I will simply say, I do believe I am done with this franchise (oddly, BBC has not yet renewed it….)

The New Improved Younger Doctor Who: who cares?

The Sarah Conner Chronicles & Dollhouse: When shows are thrown into the Friday Death Row, you know just how much the network is going to back them. By puting these shows back to back on Death Row it was a clear indication to everyone that Fox was once again willing not to care, as they did with the constant meddling with Firefly and its abrupt cancellation. After, Joss Weadon swore never to do network television again. Against his own very good advice, He came to FOX (which by the way, sux) with Dollhouse. Fox (you know the mantra by now) coupled it in Death Row with Sarah Conner. While both shows showed fairly weak Nielsons,  when coupled with TVR viewings by young time shifters the total number of viewers was significantly better, one might even go so far as to say respectable. My God, You MORONS AT FOX, they were actually good numbers! So, naturally, Sarah has been cancelled and Dollhouse was in limbo but has been finally picked up. YAY for being half right, Fox (oh, by the way…oh never mind) Interestingly, in an interview Weadon was quoted as musing “if it had been my decision, I might have chosen the other show, not mine” Gotta love the integrity of that man, and we do!

Chuck: In limbo forever, it has finally been renewed. My guilty pleasure will be back so I can see more of Anna Woo.

This is Dome sayin: I’m back, and FOX SUX

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