The Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special

You know, Kids, It’s that time of year when we get presents we really don’t want, pretend to be happy around people we don’t really like, eating far too much food that’s not good for us and drinking things better left in their pretty little bottles. The good folks at the BBC have sent us something special, something wonderful, and in a year when there will be no actual series, so to speak, The Doctor Who Christmas Special was a delight for the purist and the casual watcher.

David Tennant has been missed, and his quirky, albeit needed return of the new shows, and He is still possible one of the best Doctors to play the role. His ferret like moves and elastic smiles have endeared him to the hard core Who-iest and , I gotta tell ya, this may be the best Christmas installment I have seen yet.

Set in Victorian London ,with the requisite Dickensian overtones, The Doctor takes on one of his perennial foes, The Cybermen, with an added twist, The CyberKing (which to my mind should by all rights have been the CyberQueen). Filled with both action and a solid plot line, the show gave us, at the end, a look to the future of The Doctor. Certainly there will be another companion, the  question remains in what new capacity, because it turns out that The Doctor does indeed have a heart, and in remembrance of Rose Tyler, through the character of Rosita, He is again confronted by His love of Rose and the heart that remains broken at her loss.

Does this foreshadow a return of Rose?. THAT My Friends would be a wonderful Christmas Present indeed.

Happy New Year From The Dome and all of us at SciFiCo

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