Merry Happy, You’ve Been Cancelled

It’s the most wonderful l time of the year, and networks are killing off shows left and right in what is called the “Get Thee To Unemployment” time of the year.  Let’s take a quick look at what the networks think are expendable for this season.

KnightRider- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Are you freaking serious? This show should NEVER have been on the air in the first place. A quick rehash of updating old shows, this was a chunk of donkey dung from the word go. Even Katie Sackoff couldn’t help and that’s saying a lot. Forgettable characters, wooden plots and ridiculous effects; a recipe for cancellation if ever I saw one……………and I saw one too many of these. I hear that some idiot wants to do a remake of BattleStar Galactica??? What a bunch of dolts! Don’t they know that Lorne Greene is dead??? Idiots.

Pushing Daisies-  This show has been a hothouse flower since its inception and probably only got a renewal because the Writers Guild Strike gave it a shortened season, but America has no taste for surreal fantasy. As beautiful, well cast, well written, well shot and well edited it was, it was unable to sustain any kind of audience. It’s a shame, really,  but we have shown over and over our collective unwillingness to support this kind of show (Wonderfalls…etc…) and it must be laid to rest. Sleep well, good Piemaker.

Dollhouse- The show that may die before it ever reaches the air.  Between  Joss Weedon, Eliza Dushku and Amy Acker, the only thing that could jinx this production would be if it was on Fox. OH SHIT

ps. It premieres on Friday the 13th.

pps. They are putting it adjacent to The Sarah Conner Chronicles……a show they have supported oh so well.

Domo Aregato, sez Mr. Dome

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