Damn Good Authors You Have Never Heard Of. John Zakour

So, here’s the thing. It’s hard enough being a writer. Make that even more difficult today, what with the complete stratification of the arts. You know kids, I can remember when the Billboard Top 100 was just one list! NO SHIT! I’M NOT KIDDING! Now its Top Hip-Hop, Top AOR, my God, everything is so difficult these days because everything must be forced into neat little boxes (insert “you damn kids don’t understand the way things used to be rant” here). Add to that, becoming a Science Fiction Author is no less difficult when you start talking about what “Genre” your work fits into. WHAT THE HELL EVER HAPPENED TO, “THIS IS A GOOD STORY???”

OK fine, I’m done. So here is a guy who writes some terrific stories. John Zakour has about half a dozen novels and “Young Adult” books that I havhe been able to find, and damn, this guy can write. He wrote a series of novels with a partner Laurance Ganem, taking the Hard Boiled Detective story into the future with his protagonist Zachary Nixon Johnson. The last detective on Earth and what the earth has become he sets you up for a ride that is part Dashiell Hammett and part Philip K. Dick, which makes for one intriguing meld. Wonderful character, straight on plots and fun reads, for those of you who can still read.

His books include:
The Blue-Haired Bombshell
The Frost Haired Vixen
The Radioactive Redhead
The Doomsday Brunette
The Plutonium Blonde
Baxter Moon Galactic Scout (young adult)

This is Dome saying, this is some good work kiddies, so I suggest you run out and buy whatever of his you can find of his work. READ DAMNIT!

2 Responses to “Damn Good Authors You Have Never Heard Of. John Zakour”

  1. Illustrator X

    Oh, get over it Dome! Every diehard sci-fi reader can rattle off two dozen authors that nobody’s ever heard of but THEY’RE THE GREATEST WRITERS OF ALL TIME, DAMNIT. Once in a while this is true (for years, nobody had ever heard of Philip K Dick) but usually they’re just average hacks that some fanboy remembers because it was the only thing to read on a trip to Maine or something. I’ve been told over and over that Kilgore Trout (or whoever you want to insert here) is a better writer than Ray Bradbury, John Clavell and Robert Anton Wilson combined, and I’ve yet to see the proof. Hell, the last person to pull the “obscure sci-fi writer rant” on me went on to explain how JK Rowling is a talentless hack and that Beerfest is the funniest comedy of the past thirty years. Draw your own conclusions.

    That said, let’s hear it for the novels of British author John Christopher! He’s the best writer EVER!!

  2. Everything cant be classic, but I want to make peeps aware of whats out there, Just as you’re ranting about going to a comic store, Hey Kids Lets Go to a BOOK STORE just for the hell of it and see whats up. This guy is GOOD, and for my money JK IS a hack.
    Beerfest not so sure, gonna have to watch the Directors Cut tonight

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