Ironman, the Avengers and Radio

While I am still sitting on pins and needles waiting to find out if we are finally going to be picked up and back on the air( COME ON GUYS, GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND JUST TELL US WE ARE THE BEST THING YOU EVER HEARD!), a lot of time has once again drifted by without a post and many many things have happened.


Let’s begin with Jenna Jameson’s newest film Zombie Strippers. God, I wish this was a bad joke, and while it is it is for real, Jameson on the stripper pole, quoting Nietzsche as her flesh falls off. Zombie films at their finest!

X, I dare you to give this fine film a bad review!

Speaking of bad reviews. IRONMAN is amazing. Characters, cinematography, special effects, casting, soundtrack, script; this movies is the flawless summer action flick! ILM’s effects are simply amazing and transparent. Skywalker Ranch provided the sound mixing and again, a simply amazing job. Robert Downy Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow make a simply adorable couple and Jeff Bridges makes an excellent villain. The real sleeper here is Jon Favreau. His direction is the make or break here and he has found his franchise. But for a moment lets talk about Nick Fury, SHIELD and “The Avengers Initiative” . This is the hidden scene that most people didn’t see at the end of the credits.  Unlike most rants which are posted within hours of the event, I have purposely waited a few days just to see how my feelings would change. It hasn’t, no one single bit. Oh and by the way, Speed Racer is gonna suck.This is Dome saying, Hey is the fun? ABSOLUTEly it is!

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