Jericho, Dead, Sarah Conner, Alive and Kicking

I am noticing the number of posts about death lately; Arthur C. Clarke, F, Marry, Kill and Star Trek Caskets. And yet, here I am again reveling in MY predicted demise of Jericho. Well, not so much reveling as the sage nod of the bald head with a softly spoken “It was pre-ordained”. I mean, lets face reality. It was brought back by a loud persistent fan base for the expressed purpose of giving the story some closure. Well, in a 7 episode story arc, they did just that. Maybe not to everyone’s satisfaction, but it was a credible job and nothing for anyone to be ashamed of. I must admit I was ready to let it go, but whenever the fan base is rabid enough to make a network jump, I applaud.

For The Sarah Conner Chronicles, the fate is slightly different; everyone is saying its renewed except the network. Can I just take a moment to say HOW MUCH I HATE FOX? Their unmitigated lack of faith for anything not associated with Simon Cowell is just jaw droppingly astounding. That being said, it would be refreshing for them to come out and just Sally Field it for Gods sake, and say We like You, We Really Like You!. Alas no. In the background, showrunners and directors are being hired for season 2 episodes but no official announcement as of yet. Well I suppose the glut of nauseating reality programming is due to an inglorious end soon, and we can get back to being actually entertained again.


This is Dome, reminding you to spay or neuter your pets, including tribbles.

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