“And when I die, and when I’m gone……..”

 Ok this is not about a new show not being renewed, or an old show resurrection. This is the story of what we do when we are released from our mortal coil…..or whatever that means. I know people , who shall remain nameless, who, for whatever reason, are taking their fandom with them when they pass on. All jokes about being buried in a KISS Casket or wearing a Bubba Army tee shirt kinda pale in comparison when you look at this:


Yes kids, from Eternal Image, it’s the Star Trek Line of Urns and Coffins. No, seriously, They are not kidding. Get sent to the horizontal dance is your best geekness. See the great Bird Of the Universe in your Star Fleet Uniform and be sent out the airlock in this……..

I don’t really have a problem with this. With all the starvation, hunger, war, poverty and disease in this world, this sounds like a wonderful investment.

OK, I am one to talk. I have boxes in my basement of toys and models and comics. I have an attic filled with more. My bedroom is a minefield and the disease had rubbed off on my daughters, Kriana and Drucilla.. They have mint condidtion Playmates Figures MIC and are avid Flea Market goers. But, my heart kinda sank when someone sent me this stuff. Yeah, I am guilty of this , to a point, but really kids, this is a bit  much.

This is Dome, seriously reconsidering my Franklin Mint Star Trek TOS Plate Collection.

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