Who are New Hampshire’s heroes?

In case you didn’t know, SciFiCo is proudly located in the first-primary-in-the-nation Granite State itself, New Hampshire.  Kudos and accolades to you, you think, but wait — did you know that we have our very own superhero team?  That’s right! 

See, when Marvel wrapped up its “Civil War” last year, it was decided that every state would get its own superhero team to keep the peace.  God knows we could’ve used’em a few weeks ago when you couldn’t get to work without running over three presidential candidates and a news crew.  Anyway, it started me thinking — who would NH’s superheroes be?  My first thought would be “The Old Man”, modeled after Tommy Lee Jones, who could turn to granite while performing Oscar-winning monologues.  Manchester, aka the Queen City, would have the City Queen —- and yes, there’s plenty of fellas here who’ve already been fighting over that title.  Our own Dome could relocate to Concord and become Capital Dome, bane of the underworld and Sy Sperling.  Laconia… sorry, nothing happens there anyways.   

The group could be based out of Dixville Notch and call themselves “First In the Nation”, or something equally ridiculous.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?  Write in and let us know!  Who knows — you may be creating the new Marvel Comics sensations!

 Thanks to NH-based newspaper The Hippo Press for coming up with the idea in the first place!

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