The Stanley Kowalski Effect , or Howard Beale Was Right. As Far Off Frackin Topic As I Can Get

I am sick of this. To which “this” am I referring to today? Could it be the untimely death/suicide/overdose of “veteran” actor Heath Ledger? Nope. Could it be the economy of the US spiraling into the crapper as the less then 1% grows richer and richer? Nope. I am mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it, anymore. Go ahead, ask me why? I DARE YOU!

Why, you ask? Damn it Jim, I’m a Doctor, not a bricklayer, but I will be happy to tell you anyway. If you go to the front entrance of this website, , you will be “privileged” to not only see Sci Fi Saturday Night but two other options: SciFiCo Publishing and Science Fiction Science Fact. Both of these links are blank. Why, you ask? Damned if I know. What the hell are these links to nowhere? They are 2 attempts by our company to do projects that have fallen by the wayside as we have spent the past year licking our collective wounds from our Clear Channel experience and reattempted to get back on the radio in some way shape or form. Thru the past year Our Team Illustrator X, Mr. K and me (The Dome) have done our worst to try not only to get back on the air, but also to push through the other 2 projects currently on our plate. And we have ended up here, full of sound and fury……. And you know how the rest of it goes.. And if you don’t, why the hell are you reading this?

Here’s the deal. As a fledgling company in a sweaty, dangerous economy, it has become incredibly difficult to try to continue to pitch out Print Line, our Video Projects and our Radio project. And we need your help, mainly because we have run out of options. Contact us here and let us know what we are doing right and wrong. If you are interested in out television projects or our print projects, or whatever, let us know. The blogosphere is a lonely place. We used to say “When you work for Clear Channel, no one can hear you scream”. Well, kiddies…it’s even more silent here

This is Dome, saying if Paddy Chayefsky were alive today…….he’d be old

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