Movies to watch out for – Jumper

Ok, first the factuals.

This is a book by Stephen Gould (not to be confused with Stephen J. Gould, and if you did confuse the two, give yourself 5 points on the IQ scale)

The buzz is it will be directed by Doug Linman (all together now, “Who?”) and stars Hayden Christiansen.

A Regency/Fox Production with a budget of about 100 million, and no word on who the CGI team will be. Screenplay adapted by David S. Goyer (again,” WHO?”).

Cast:Hayden Christiansen Samuel L. Jackson Diane Lane Rachel Bilson

Why should you care? Here’s the story, I first read this book a very long time ago and after the first reading, it struck me that this could, no SHOULD, be a movie. It seemed to easily transfer from one medium to the other and damn, it was a real good story. Flash forward 20 some odd years.The rumors began with the fact that Eminem was gonna play the lead. Thank God that didn’t happen. Then the rumors began to fly about how badly the story would be mangled. At that point I was not a happy camper. The rumors seem to be true.The original story was about an abused child who learns to escape his abuse by jumping. Through trial and error Davy makes a life for himself and becomes a reluctant superhero, my very favorite kind. The book shows depth, real emotion and characters. Evidently the “adaptation” has none of that. So, nothing of my preconceptions will hold out. I would like to be the first to apologize to Steven Gould on behalf of anyone who actually read his book.

You know, I once interviewed a “writer” who had finished work on a movie. He had done the second rewrite of a screenplay that, before it was shot would go through two more rewrites before it was filmed. When I asked him how if felt to have his work ripped up like that his reply was,”Hey, I got paid for it.”. That’s why we keep being disappointed by so many movies. READ!

Dome, signing off

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