Doctor Who, One GREAT Episode down and the Culmination of Season 3 begins AND some last minute thingies for The New Season.

One of the smartest episodes EVER in the current incarnation of the good doctor ran last Friday,


If you didn’t see in catch the rerun. If you did, don’t even try to tell me how amazing it was. I know, I know. .. To me, it seemed like another perfect spin off, but then again, what the heck do I know?And kiddies, if you think that was good (and it was) just wait, because the beginning of the 3 episode ending arc is like um…. has AWESOME been overused yet? Over the course of the next 3 weeks, there will be so many loose ends tied up….some of which you never knew were loose ends… beginning with Utopia, to The Sound Of Drums and ending with The Last of the Time Lords, this is APPOINTMENT GEEK TV!

On to other issues, the Sci Fi Network has officially announced the death of Dresden Files, Painkiller Jane and SCI-FI Investigates. While I am pained at the first, and not surprised at the second, the third one puzzles me. When the heck was this ever on? Why don’t I care? What will Andy Rooney do now?

New Shows Flying Under the Radar That Might Be Worth A Look See:

ReaperThe CW

Premise – Mommy and Daddy sold his soul to the Devil and now the slacker works for him. Sounds like a laugh riot to me, but on The CW, I guess anything might be funny, however unintentional it might be.

Lucy, Daughter of the Devil

Cartoon Network Adult Swim

Premise – As Lucy turns 21, she finds being the daughter of the King of the Underworld isn’t all peaches and brimstone. Greenlit for an initial 10 episodes

Spaceballs: The Animated Series


Premise – um…. Sorry, I think I just blacked ot momentarily……… and ………..OMG SPACEBALLS THE ANIMATED SERIES, WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA???

Dome, violently ill, signing off

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