A cool site on the web (besides this one) and why I Love New Years!

Rare as it is, occasionally I will recommend a web site to you that tickles me, and seeing that this is a family friendly site I will keep my recommendations far away from some of the more obvious sites we all know and avoid.

The site of the month is PALEO-FUTURE, one of the most interesting blogs I have seen in a long time.. PALEO-FUTURE takes one of my constant rants (What the hell happened to the flying car I was supposed to have by now) and shows you in a historical context what mainstream media of the time showed the populous what a wonderful world it would be.

PALEO-FUTURE is visually stunning while holding a mirror to the naivety of the past as well as the hopes for a brighter future.A Look Into The Future That Never Was


The best thing about New Years is that there are so many of them. Sure you got your basic January the Onest, and your Jewish New Year ( Happy Rushing Homer, or something), your Chinese New Year (Whatever you do, DO NOT check out the paper placemat, just to find out YOU were born in the Year Of The Rooster, cuz they call it something else). They you got your Japanese New Year in which you devalue your native currency for a period of 30 days or until Tom Selick does another Suntory commercial. You got your Finnish New Year, I am told it’s all about the cod. You got Taiwanese New Year, WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MAINLAND!!!!!!!!!!. The point here is, you can celebrate a new year virtually every week.

My favorite new year starts in 2 weeks with the upcoming Fall Network! Can’t wait

Dome, signing off.

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